Zero Range - Fouling Shots

Fouling Shots Alpha Range: SA Open Championship 2023 & FCWC 2023

The requirements are as follows for all shooting on Alpha range which will be strictly controlled by the Range Officer on duty.

All shooting must be in the prone position and all shots fired must be aimed shots at a target. We will provide targets but please note that fouling shots will not be marked.

Zeroing will also be permitted during this time. A limited number of 300m targets will be provided for zeroing purposes and these targets will be marked.

If the need arises to zero a rifle other than in the morning as mentioned above special arrangements can be made with the chief range officer to zero such a rifle either at lunchtime or in the afternoon immediately following the day’s shoot. Such an arrangement must however be the exception and not the rule.

The range officer on duty is at liberty to institute whatever measures he deems necessary for the safe conduct of proceedings on Alpha range. He is in sole control of the range and is responsible both control and safety and may require safety measures over and above those mentioned above.

The Alpha range will be open in the mornings for one hour before the start of shoot and with special arrangement during the day and after shooting has finished for the day.