South African Bisley Union

The first shooting competition to be held at Stellenbosch from the 1st to the 14th October, 1686 started competitive shooting is South Africa  This is the first reference to an organised sports event in South Africa.

Fullbore shooting therefore claims to be the oldest organised sport in South Africa, and SABU grew from these origins.

It was, however, only since the beginning of the 20th century that rifle shooting in South Africa was placed on a somewhat organised footing. Rifle clubs were formed in the different provinces, regional and inter-town meetings were organised and technical improvements to both rifles and ammunition made target shooting in this country a most popular sport, drawing supporters from all quarters.

At a meeting chaired by Major-General Brink, the decision was made to recommend to the Minister of Defence that autonomous provincial associations be abolished and be replaced by the South African National Rifle Association.

1st July, 1928. After accepting the recommendations of the meeting held on the 14th April, the Minister of Defence issued instructions for the formation of the South African national Rifle Association, effective from 1st July, 1928.

On the 7th October, 1929, the first National Championships under the control of the South African National Rifle Association were held in Cape Town.

In 2021, SABU will celebrate its 93rd birthday.