F-Class World Championships 2023

26 March – 1 April 2023

Entry Forms

Individual Entries

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Team Entries

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Range Location

Genl De Wet Classification Shooting Range (De Brug), Bloemfontein



Individual Practice Day

26 March
08h00Office open  
08h30Session 1700m 
10h15Session 2800m 
12h00Session 3900m 
14h00USA & Canada –
Entries and Rifle weigh-in
15h00UK & Australia –
Entries and Rifle weigh-in
16h00Other International Competitors –
Entries and Rifle weigh-in
17h00South Africa –
Entries and Rifle weigh-in
17h00International Team Squads for the FCWC Team Matches to be handed in at the SABU Offices

F-Class Individual World Championships

27 March
07h00Opening Ceremony  
08h15FCWC Individual – Day 1700m2+15
 FCWC Individual – Day 1800m2+15
pmFCWC Individual – Day 1900m2+15
 Prize Giving Day 1  
28 March
08h15FCWC Individual – Day 2700m2+15
 FCWC Individual- Day 2800m2+15
pmFCWC Individual – Day 2900m2+15
 Prize Giving Day 2  
29 March
08h15FCWC Individual – Day 3900m2+20
pmFCWC Individual – Day 3900m2+20
16h15Booking of Targets for Team Practice Day closes
17h15Official Team PhotosDress code: No 1’sTimes TBA
18h30FCWC2021 Individual Prize Giving & FCWC DinnerPlace and Time TBA

Team Practice Day

30 March
08h30Session 1700m2+15
11h15Session 2800m2+15
14h30Session 3900m2+15
17h30Final Teams for the FCWC Team Matches (16-, 8- & 7-man teams) to be submitted to the Match Referee at the SABU Office

FCWC Team Matches

Team Matches include Open – , u/25 – and Rutland Cup Teams

31 March
08h30Teams: Target Draw
09h00FCWC Teams – Day 1700m2+15
 FCWC Teams – Day 1800m2+15
pmFCWC Teams – Day 1900m2+15
1 April
08h30Teams: Target Draw
09h00FCWC Teams – Day 2700m2+15
 FCWC Teams – Day 2800m2+15
pmFCWC Teams – Day 2900m2+15
18h30Prize Giving for FCWC Teams
Farewell Party & Spitbraai
Dress Code : No 1’sPlace TBA